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About African Women's
Empowerment Forum

AWEF Charity is one of the leading charities in the East Midland that provide holistic support to African Women. The charity is a frontline organisation led by women, that understands the needs of women and delivers services tailored to the needs of women. We see African women’s growth needs as an essential aspect of the overall growth of the African community not only in the region, but also nationally and internationally. The growth of women strengthens the community, strengthens families and hence the successes of male counterparts. 

As a charity we create an infrastructure to address inequality in women’s development, health, education, social and economic needs, by developing an environment that contributes to holistic growth. We champion health, education, social inclusion, economic improvement and the environment. We provide essential mechanisms to improve African women and young people’s chances in advancement towards our endeavour in having a community of equal standing. In health we deliver programmes such as Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) , a programme that supports our women’s mental health, at a time when they are going through a life crisis, such as in migration traumas, domestic violence or through a range of issues that can contribute to individuals breaking down. In education we deliver programmes that contribute to women being able to improve their knowledge by learning new things that contribute to their livelihood such as improving their chances in gaining better qualification, leading to better work perspectives or contribute to their lives aspiration

We provide engaging activities and environments to enhance social interactions where African women can meet others and interact on a range of interests.  We help women to contribute to the economy, supporting them in building ideas through to the full deployment of their services. We ensure that they have the  essential tools that they need to grow their business.

Our charity supports a globally clean environment, hence part of the work is in championing environmental issues through our green agenda programme. Through our green black ambassador initiative we are able to provide leads in engaging women in addressing environmental issues.

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