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Training Courses

Our community at AWEF hub provides training courses that we organise and run in partnership with our growing list of partners. Combining our courses with our community means we are better able to offer our members and clients a social and collaborative training environment that enhances learning while developing social, communication, and collaboration skills.

Networking and Events

Our hub incorporates social networking with both virtual and live/physical events. This holistic approach to networking ensures that our members always have the opportunity to connect, collaborate, network, and share with other members without the geographical limitations that might otherwise be a hurdle. Individuals and organisations are able to organise and run events to support their own causes.


Incorporated into our community is a marketplace for our members to buy and sell from each other as well as sell to the public in general. Our paid members are able to setup their stores and begin selling both physical and digital goods within hours. Member stores are completely independent of each other, and store owners have full control of their stores, products, and customer communications.